Come see the legendary banker ponies on Shackleford Banks!

Banker ponies have roamed free on Shackleford Banks for over 400 years! Legends tell that the horses came to island many years ago from sinking Spanish ships. These horses are descendants from Spanish mustangs of early colonial explorers. The Shackleford Banks wild horses are a unique part of the history and culture of North Carolina's Crystal Coast.

The 9-mile long barrier island of Shackleford Banks is only accessible by boat and is situated just off of Beaufort. Hop aboard Island Express Ferry and come explore Shackleford Banks and observe the wild banker ponies. These beautiful, wild horses have adapted to survive in the wild over the past several hundred years. The horses feed off the marsh grasses and drink from fresh water pools that can be found throughout the island. The herd on Shackleford Banks consists of over 100 horses that can most likely be seen trotting along the shore or feeding in the grasses.

Come see these beautiful animals for yourself and learn more about the history of the Crystal Coast and Shackleford Banks! When you arrive to Shackleford Banks, make sure you keep a safe distance away from the horses. Do not try to interact with them, touch them, or tease them. These horses are wild and can cause harm to you, your children or your pets. Call us today to reserve your ferry to Shackleford Banks!


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